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Mission brief and resources

Administrative information

Multiplayer Instruction

132nd Virtual Wing Multiplayer Instructions

Radio plugin - Simple Radio

Operation Urgent Fury is conducted using Simple Radio (SRS SRS thread on ED forums


Everyone attending this mission need to use OvGME in order to install the necessary Skins and Mods.
Please refer to the 132nd Skin and Mod Install QuickstartGuide:
132nd Skin and Mod Install

OvGME Program
OvGME ED Thread

Governing Documents

The following documents provides necessary information
Air Warfare Doctrine
132-TTP-1 CAS Manual v1.1
132-CSAR-1 CSAR Manual v1.3
132-TTP-4 Brevity v1.1
132-TTP-5-ATC and Airbase operations v1.0
132-TTP-6 SCAR v2.0
132-TTP-8 Briefing Guide v1.1
132-TTP-10-AWACS Procedures v2.0
132-TTP-12 Armed Reconnaissance v1.0
132-TTP-13 Air Interdiction v1.0

Relevant TTP’s under documents


Thanks for the great contributions from the DCS community, and to highlight a few of the most important ones for the 132nd: