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Mission brief and resources


This page gives necessary information for participation on 132nd Virtual Wing’s campaing Operation Urgent Fury.

Please signup on 132nd Virtual Wing’s event page (user on the 132nd website is required):
132nd Events

NOTE 1 If you do not have an account on 132nd Virtual Wing website, please PM 132nd.Neck on Discord and ask for an account.

NOTE 2 You will need to manually refresh webpages to get changes as the pages are updated. Until we resolve this issue, we recommend everyone to refresh the page when you enter it to make sure you have the latest information availeble.


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Mission Specific Information

Weekly SPINS MSN 13 | ACO MSN 13 | ATO MSN 13 | NOTAM MSN 13 | INTEL MSN 13

For Controllers (ATC and/or AWACS)


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