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Mission brief and resources


The last year there have been increasing tension in the Persian Gulf. The US have increased sanctions to IRAN, and IRAN have threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz.

Intelligence indicate that IRAN is working with RUSSIA and CHINA in order to acquire new weapon-systems, such as aircraft and SAM’s. It is in both RUSSIA and CHINA’s interest to inflict damage to the allied coalition through IRAN as its proxy.

From December 2010 UAE and OMAN have seen an increasing activity from the insurgent group “Alsyf Albarq” (Lightening Sword) that are affiliated with IRAN and its goal is for IRAN to seize control of OMAN so that the people of OMAN and IRAN can be united as a single country.

In addition to the insurgent group Alsayf Albarq (AA), a terror organization by the name of “Al Kahn Brigade” has emerged and have conducted several terror attacks in both UAE and OMAN.

Recently there have been indications that IRAN are preparing a offensive, but currently, intelligence do not have any good assessments based on lack of reporting.

In May 2011 a US led Combined Joint Task Force, CJTF-87, was invited to come to UAE in order to function as a deterrence for any Iran provocations. CJTF-87 operates in UAE and OMAN in order to reassure the people of UAE and Oman that the allies is on their side of the conflict.

CJTF-87 mission originally had three parts:

  1. Deter IRAN aggression.
  2. Counterinsurgency (COIN) against Alsyf Albarq.
  3. Counterterrorism (CT) against Al Kahn Brigade. CJTF is invited in by UAE and OMAN, and operates in both countries.

CJTF-87 is heavily reliant on air forces, as the build-up of major land forces takes time.

2nd June 2011

On the morning of 2nd June 2011 IRAN conducted a surprise attack toward the allied forces in the region. Iran engaged several aircraft’s, and managed to get local air superiority over the Strait of Hormuz. The surprise attack was conducted by a mix of F-4, F-14, F-5 and Mirages. The confirmed spotting of Mirage 2000C confirms earlier reports of a weapon purchase by IRAN earlier this year. At 1400G, IRAN announced that they had closed the Strait of Hormuz, and would deny certain oil-tankers to depart through the strait. The evening the 2nd of June Iranian forces were able to successfully conduct a amphibious landing in KHASAB. A secondary landing was conducted at Sir Abu Nuayr. Iranian forces fought through the night to capture the airfield of Khasab in order to fly in reinforcements.

The same evening there was a fierce air battle over Khasab. Iranian forces spared their most capable fighters, the Mirage 2000c, and relied on numbers with MiG-29 and F-5’s. Iran have shown a tactic with CAP’s being supported by aircraft on high alert. Iran also managed to shoot down 2x allied tankers at the eastern coast of UAE/Oman.

3rd June 2011

Throughout the night leading up to the 3rd June allied air attacks have been focusing on supporting operations over Sir Abu Nuayr and Khasab, and maintaining air superiority over these areas. As of the morning of the 3rd June, the Iranian air forces are assessed not to be able to penetrate into attacks over Khasab without losses. During the day of the 3rd , the Iraninan forces have been able to successfully seize Khasab airfield and have pushed the allied forces out of the area.

Deterrence have failed, and CJTF-87 have changed their status to Counter the Iranian attack. The UN strongly condemns this attack by IRAN, and all countries in CJTF-87 have condemned the attack as well, and plans and preparations are now in place to strengthen the presence of allied forces in the region to counter the Iranian aggression.

4th June 2011

Due to successful air-strikes at Sir Abu Nuayr, allied forces from CJTF-87 were able to expel the Iranian forces that seized the island in their initial attack. Fighting have been ongoing during the whole night to clear out the island for any remaining Iranian forces. At 0300G the local commander on the Island declared that the island is again under allied control.

Iran have also attempted to conduct air-strikes with SU-24’s based in Kerman, however these were intercepted by allied CAP’s and were not able to reach their targets.

5th June 2011

CJTF-87 conducted their first counter-attack by doing a deep strike into SHIRAZ airfield to reduce the ability to mass air-power in the region, and weaken air-defences for further offensives. IRAN have established a beachhead at KHASAB, and have reached as far south as BUKHA, where they were stopped by local forces heavily supported by allied CAS.

6th June 2011

Allied forces have been conducting CAS to support the front-line at BUKHA, while conducting attacks at Iranian forces in the KHASAB beachhead, primarily by locating rocket launchers, SAMs and C2 to facilitate for further operations. Allied forces are preparing an offensive to retake KHASAB area, with primary objective the airfield at KHASAB.

7th June 2011

Allied forces conducted an assault toward KHASAB and was able to capture both the airfield and the port. KHASAB is now fully under allied control, and this set the conditions for conducting an assault into IRAN.
A SEAD mission was conducted against the SA-10 and other SAM sites in the Bandar Abbas region to further set conditions for the initial assault by seizing Bandar Abbas.
Allied forces have now started planning for the offensive to invade parts of IRAN, and initial efforts will be against the Bandar Abbas region to seize the airfield and important oil infrastructure.

8th June 2011

In successful strikes against the remaining silkworm batteries, the situasion is favorable for the Carrier Strike Group to set course to the Strait of Hormuz. Furher, shaping operations are ongoing at Qhesm and the situsion is now ready for conducting and air assault to capture the airfield. Multiple enemy aircrafts have been shot down over Bandar Abbas region , and it is likely that no further F-5 is operational and ready the next 24 hours from Bandar Abbas.

9th June 2011

A successful air assault was conducted against the airfield of QHESM and it is now under allied control. AR missions against main battle tanks from 133rd Armored Regiment (based at LAR) was unsuccessful. Air defence from SA-11 and CAPs defeated a package going into the area. The Main Battle tanks were likely moving towards 245th Mechanized Infantry Regiment to increase defensive positions.

10th- 15th June 2011

Continued offensive actions against the Iranian stronghold were successful, and a ground offensive have been launched. A Combined Joint amphibious force have conducted landings in the vicinity of Bandar Abbas to seize control of the airfield and the strategic important oil refineries in the region. Preperations on the Bandar Abbas airfield have been ongoing to prepare it to operate as a forward operating base for RW and A-10Cs have been ongoing for the last 24 hours, and the 16th of June is the first ATO day where RW and A-10Cs will operate from the base.

Insurgent activity

Intelligence also indicate that the increased activity from the insurgent group Alsyf Albarq is connected with IRAN’s surprise attack, and further strengthens the theory that Alsyf Albarq have been fighting a proxy war for IRAN. The threat for allied convoys in UAE/OMAN is high, due to reliable intelligence of threats of complex attacks from Al Kahn Brigade against allied convoys.

Alsyf Albarq have been supporting the Iranian assault at Khasab with placing insurgents in key locations where they expect low-flying aircraft (FW or RW) will be passing, and have tried to engage several KA-50’s and MI-8’s en-route to Khasab.


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